Homework Page

 **This website is to help you check your work if you are absent. Students are to also copy HW in their planners. Students should not rely soley on this page. This is just an additional resource. Students are responsible for copying all assignments into their planners!


Week of: 6/03/13

**Review notes, spelling words, and vocabulary words daily! Study a little bit each night! Please check planners prior to checking the homework on the website. Please do not soley depend on the website as your homework source. :)

Homework to be completed EVERYNIGHT: 10 Min. of First in Math and 15 Minutes of Reading and Logging!!


Monday: please check planner for HW FIRST!!

Math: pb. p. 112 numbers 1-13; Ch. 9 Test Monday

ELA:  write each reading vocabulary word in a sentence; Unit 17 test Friday

Vocab Workshop: Quiz Wednesday - Unit 17

Religion: End of year exam is tomorrow!!

Science:   Animal Test - Friday

Social Studies: 

Reminders:   $2/pizza slice is due tomorrow


Tuesday:please check planner for HW FIRST!!

Math: Ch. 9 test Monday; finish pb. p 113

ELA:    Unit 17 test Friday

Vocab/Work/Shop: quiz tomorrow - Unit 17


Science:Animal Test - Friday




Wednesday:please check planner for HW FIRST!!

Math:  Ch. 9 test Monday ; pb. p. 114 even

ELA: Unit 17 Test Friday - last one!! :)


Science: Animal Test - Friday


Reminders:    return test folders signed.


Thursday:please check planner for HW FIRST!!

Math:           Ch. 9 test Monday

ELA:  Unit 17 Test Friday!!



Science: Animal Test - tomorrow!!



Friday:please check planner for HW FIRST!!

Math: FIRST IN MATH EVERYDAY - Ch. 9 test Monday

ELA: Read a book for 15 minutes EVERY night and log it on your reading log sheet!

Religion: Attend Mass on Sunday


Reminders: four days of school left!! You are almost in 5th grade!!